Welcome To The South Bank

Waterloo to St Paul’s Cathedral

Approximately 3.1 Miles / 5 Km
Fast walk around 47minutes
Alow a day to visit most of the sights

A Wonderful walk along London’s famous South Bank. Landmarks Include: The London Eye, Festival Hall, Tate Modern, The Shard, The Globe Theatre, Clink Prison, The Golden Hinde, Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, and St Paul’s Cathedral.

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Sights On The Walk

A: Waterloo Station
Exit following the signs for The London Eye

B: The London Eye
The London Eye is a favourite attraction. The ride lasts around half an hour with excellent views and photo opportunities. I prefer early morning and late afternoon as the light is more attractive. But, I have also been on the Eye in the middle of the day with the sky full of dark ominous clouds and it’s very spectacular.

C: Royal Festival Hall
The Royal Festival Hall is one of London’s premier concert venues. The restaurant and cafes are excellent and often there are free lunch time concerts. The Sunday afternoon classical concerts are good value and very popular. See the website for concerts and prices.

D: Tate Modern
The building is huge, it was originally a power station. I always enjoy the exhibits in the massive Turbine Hall. Most of the Tate Modern is free and it’s worth exploring, as you will be rewarded with some great art as well as some gloriously wacky exhibits. Don’t miss the fantastic views from the top. Check the website for special exhibitions.

Exit the Tate Modern and turn right. From here, you will have a great view of The Shard if you want to go to the top check the website - www.the-shard.com for details. Walk past the Millennium Bridge and the globe is on your left.

E: The Globe Theatre
The history tours and the plays are generally excellent. See the website for booking information and costs.

Continue the walk until you get to The Anchor pub then turn right into Park Street and then almost immediately left into Clink Street.

F: Clink Museum
The original Clink Prison was built in 1144. If you enjoy hands-on experiences of torture devices and want to discover what a typical day was like for a medieval prisoner, then this place is for you. See the website for times and admission costs.

Continue up Clink Street until you reach the Golden Hinde

G: The Golden Hinde
Sir Francis Drake, hero of England’s victory over the invading Spanish Armada, sailed around the world in the Golden Hinde between 1577- 1580. This ship is a full size replica of the original. Children love the Golden Hinde and the tours are interesting and fun for all the family.

Walk up Cathedral Street to Borough Market

H: Borough Market
Enjoy the atmosphere at London’s best food market. Try to come on a full market day, Wednesday to Saturday, as all the shops and stalls are open. It’s shut on Sunday and Monday and Tuesdays are quieter. Some of the cooking master classes and special events are also highly recommended. See the website for details.

When you leave the market It’s worth visiting Southwark Cathedral for it’s beautiful stained glass windows. Head back to the river via Winchester Walk and turn right into Stoney Street. At Clink Street turn left and retrace your route past the Globe Theatre and take the steps up to the Millennium Bridge.

I: Millennium Bridge
When the bridge first opened in 2000 it had a very unnerving shake that made some people feel very queasy! The designers issued a press release criticising Londoners for not walking on the bridge correctly. As you can imagine the press had a field day insulting the engineers and they rechristened it the ‘Wobbly Bridge’. The bridge was then shut for repairs and two years later a new stable bridge opened. It is now one of London’s best-loved landmarks

J: St Paul’s Cathedral
(St Paul’s also features in the Russell Square to Monument 1 Minute Walk). This spectacular cathedral is considered to be Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece. It’s built on the site of the cathedral destroyed in the Great Fire of London. Construction took twenty-two years and the first service was given in 1697. Until the middle of last century St Pauls was London’s tallest building. I recommend climbing to the top as the views inside and out are amazing. The audio tour is recommended and If you're an organ fan, come at 4:45 pm on Sunday for free half-hour concerts. Check the website for concerts, events and admission details.

St Paul’s tube station is behind the Cathedral on Cheapside

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