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Royal Victoria To Westminster

Approximately 5 Miles / 8 KM
Fast walk around 1 hour 10 mins.
Allow a full day to visit most of the sights.

The sun’s shining and there’s a lot to discover!

Start: Royal Victoria / Emirates Air Line - DLR. (Turquoise on the Tube Map) End: Westminster - District, Circle, Jubilee, (Green, Yellow, Gray).

Highlights Include: Royal Victoria /Emirates Cable Car Terminal, Thames Path, University of Greenwich, Cutty Sark, Greenwich Market, National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Greenwich Pier, Westminster Pier, Westminster Tube station.

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1 Minute Walks Trailer

In the video I give you a fun taste of what you will experience on the walk. But you will need more detail

The best place to view 1minute walks is on it’s website http://www.1minutewalks.com Here you have access to the interactive map. Explore The Walk is a fantastic information-rich resource. You can zoom in to individual streets, you can click on markers to view photos and information. And you can create a PDF document to view on any device and you can print it. Also, there’s a useful step-by-step guide.

In Sights On The Walk there is more detail and web links to even more information

If you can’t access the interactive map – you can take a screen shot of the 2d map at the end of the video

Royal Victoria (DLR) (Start Here)
Exit and take the Emirates signs. It’s a very short walk to the Terminal.

Emirates Air Line
This was my first time on the Emirates Air Line cable car – Its fantastic! The 10-minute ride is a great way to start an adventure. It was built as part of the East London Olympic regeneration programme and opened in 2012.

A: Emirates Greenwich Peninsular Terminal.
Exit and turn right and continue until you get to the river. Turn left onto the Thames Path.

B: Thames Path
The route takes you past the impressive Canary Wharf complex situated on the other side of the river. As you are approaching Greenwich there is a temporary diversion on the Thames Path, owing to construction work. Take the yellow diversion signs to Greenwich (about 15 minutes walk away). As you approach Greenwich the University is clearly signposted. Turn right at the crossroads and continue to the river. Turn left.

C: University of Greenwich (Old Naval College) -Free Entry
The University uses the Old Royal Naval College as it’s main campus. The buildings are stunning and the entire site has World Heritage status. Sir Christopher Wren built it as the Royal Hospital for Seamen between 1696 and 1712. In 1873 the buildings became the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. In 1998 the University of Greenwich and The Trinity College Of Music took out a 150-year lease on the buildings.

The buildings are an architectural masterpiece. Don’t miss The Painted Hall. It’s absolutely stunning! I cannot recommend The Old Naval College more highly. For obvious reasons the site is regularly used as a film location. Who knows who you might bump into. www.ornc.org

Next to the University is the Cutty Sark

D: Cutty Sark
This beautiful old sailing ship is a must visit for engineering and naval history fans. Also, children enjoy the many interactive exhibits. The Cutty Sark was built in 1869 and made regular voyages to China and Australia carrying cargos of tea and wool. It held the record voyage time from Australia to Britain for 10 years.

Walk up to Greenwich Church Street (150 meters) and the market entrance is on your right at Durnford Street

E: Greenwich Market
Lots of interesting craft stalls and food stands with dishes from around the world. The stalls change daily. Check the website for details.

Exit the market the way you came in. Turn left then left into Nelson Rd. and right into King William Walk

F: National Maritime Museum – Free Entry
An excellent museum particularly the children’s areas.

Exit and walk up the hill

G: Royal Observatory
This is the home of GMT – Greenwich Mean Time. Here you can stand with one foot in the eastern hemisphere and the other in the west! The Planetarium is also worth a visit, as is the Camera Obscura which is reopening in Spring 2017. Also, I enjoy the fascinating Time & Longitude exhibit.

Exit the observatory; go back down the hill to Greenwich and the Thames. Next to the Cutty Sark is Greenwich Pier.

H: Greenwich Pier
The river bus is possibly my favourite method of transport in London. The views are always spectacular and I feel that I’m on a holiday (I never get that feeing on the Tube)! At Greenwich Pier there are many destinations available, I chose Westminster. See the website for details.

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