2 wonderful parks and spectacular views of London

Regents Park Return Via London Zoo & Primrose Hill

Approximately 4.5 Miles / 7Km
Fast fitness walk 1 hour 45 minutes.

Start and End at Regents Park Tube Station. Bakerloo Line (Brown - On the tube map)

Highlights Include: Regents Park, Ready Money Drinking Fountain, London Zoo, St Mark's Bridge, Primrose Hill, Boating Lakes, Queen Mary's Gardens

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A & G Regents Park Tube
Exit the station and turn right onto Euston Road. Use the first crossing and walk into Park Square and enter Regents Park.

Regents Park
I think all the London parks have a unique character of their own. Regents Park is a great place for a family day out, where many Londoners enjoy picnicking, visiting the zoo and boating on the lakes. The gardens are charming - I find this park a magical green oasis in all seasons.


If you are visiting Regents Park in summer booking a show at the open-air theatre is highly recommended.


Make your way to the Broad Walk and the Ornamental gardens.

The Ornamental Gardens are also called Avenue Gardens. This section of the park is where the park's gardeners are allowed to show off their skills recreating a classic Victorian-style garden.

Continue walking past the café until you get to a large drinking fountain.

B: Ready Money Drinking Fountain
The Ready Money Drinking Fountain is a crazy, gothic, granite and marble drinking fountain, which gets its name from Sir Cowasjee Jehangir, whose nickname was Ready Money. He donated the fountain in 1869 as a thank you to the British people for protecting him and those of the Parsee religion in India.

Continue on the Broad Walk until you get to Outer Circle then turn right for London Zoo.

C: London Zoo
London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo. Today you can see more than 750 different species on the 36-acre site. The website has lots of information on admission, lectures and special events.


Exit the zoo and turn right. When you reach The Broad Walk turn left to cross over St Mark's Bridge and the Regents Canal. Turn left onto Prince Albert Road and cross the road at the traffic lights and walk into Primrose Hill Park.

D: Primrose Hill
Take the middle path and walk up the hill. You will be rewarded with a beautiful panorama of London. It's a south facing view, so weather permitting, the early morning and late afternoon can be spectacular. I also love the view when there are dark ominous clouds hanging over the city's skyscrapers. Primrose Hill also has a children's playground and an open-air gym.

Return down the hill and leave Primrose Hill from the same entrance. Make your way back to St Mark's Bridge and continue on to the Ready Money Drinking Fountain. This retracing of our steps is to avoid roads. At the drinking fountain turn right across the fields and continue until you reach the lake.

E: Boating & Waterfowl Lake
Regent's Park is the centre for waterfowl breeding for all The Royal Parks. There are more than 650 waterfowl on the Boating Lake, including 260 pairs of ducks. I love watching the herons fishing. The best time to watch them is early morning and late afternoon.

Rowing Boats and Pedalos are for hire from April through to the end of October. The separate children's lake is open at weekends, bank holidays and school holidays. See website for details.


Walk around the edge of the lake until you see signs for Queen Mary's Gardens

F: Queen Mary's Gardens
These gardens are another opportunity for the gardeners to show off! The rose garden is London's largest collection of roses with around 12,000 roses and 85 varieties on show. The flower display in June is spectacular. These gardens are exquisite!


On leaving Queen Mary's Gardens make your way back to Park Square and Regents Park Tube.

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