London Street Art 2

Welcome To Camden

Approximately 3.1 Miles / 5Km
Fast Walk - Around an hour but allow 3 hours to explore.

Start: Mornington Crescent. Northern Line (Black on the tube map)
End: Camden Town. Northern Line (Black)

Welcome to Camden! This is a great Street Art walk in one of London's most exciting and dynamic districts. If I had to sum up Camden in three words I would say it's vibrant, fun and exhilarating. And so is the quality of the Street Art.

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Camden has attracted many of the world's best artists, who often collaborate with each other to create truly unique works of art.

One of the most challenging aspects of documenting street art is that it's always changing, but that is one of the reasons why street art is so dynamic. New work is appearing all the time. In the descriptions below I have included links to many street artists' websites as an aid to help us recognise their work and their different styles.

A: Mornington Crescent Tube Station
Exit the station and turn left.

B: Greater London House
This is not strictly street art but it's one of my favourite Art Deco buildings in London. It was built as a cigarette factory in the 1920's, complete with Egyptian decorations, colonnades and large cat statues. The building fell into disrepair and the Egyptian decorations were removed. In the 1990's the building was beautifully restored to its original glory, as upmarket offices. Turn back past Mornington Crescent Tube Station and turn right into Plender Street. Turn left

C: Bayham Street
Home of the famous Amy Winehouse portrait by Bambi. This portrait has now been joined by a Morganico memorial painting of Michael Dixon, a popular hairdresser who lived in Bayham Street. He died aged 45.


Turn left and cross the road.

D + E: Greenland Street and Greenland Place
Lots of well-known work here, including artists Mau Mau and Decolife

Mau Mau

Go to the end and turn right onto Kentish Town Road

Electric Ballroom Car Park (Kentish Town Road)
The work on the car park gate is by Renato Hunto and the painting on the wall is by Dan Kitchener.

Renato Hunto

Dan Kitchener

From the car park look up and behind to see Lost Souls by The Lost Souls Crew, including artists SPZero76, Si Mitchell & Squirl, and Captain Kris

F: Buck Street
Fabio Lopez and Studio Flop

G: Stucley Place
Amy Winehouse is collaboration between Captain Chris (see Lost Souls) and Amara Por Dios

Don't miss 'J C The Peoples Champ'. At the end of Stucley Place turn right on to Hawley Crescent.

Hawley Crescent,
You are rewarded with a work by FPLO

At the end of Hawley Crescent turn right onto Kentish Town Road, cross the canal and you come to Water Lane and large railway arches. Here is another FPLO mural. At present access is limited as there is a large construction project in progress, with strict hardhat health and safety rules. The mural is just behind the gate to the site. I asked at the gate and I was allowed to take a couple of photos.

From here it's about a 10 minute walk to Regents Park Road. Continue north and turn left at H: Clarence Way. Turn right onto Harmood St then turn Left onto Prince of Wales Road and left onto Crogsland Road. Cross Haverstock Hill on to Regents Park Road.

I: Regents Park Road
As you cross the road you cant miss the stunning work by Brazilian artist Kobra. A steam train, trapese artists and musicians combine to tell the history of the iconic building on which it's painted. The Roundhouse started its life as a railway turning shed, hence the steam train, and now it’s a well-known concert venue featuring musicians, dance and circus acts.

Next to the Kobra is a Tony Boy collaboration with @_the_real_dill1, @lazyobit, @ captainkris

J: Ferdinand Street
I Love the Brazilian Lady! The corner with Chalk Farm Road is always a good place to find art.
Due to the limitations of My Maps I have had to split the map into two sections.

A: Harmood Street
Work by Autone & Itaewon.

B: Hartland Road
A really nice Darry Perier and a Dan Kitchener next to it

C: Hawley Mews
This is one of the dynamic street art spaces in London! With work by Alice Pasquini, Himbad & Marina Zumi, China Girl and others. Turn left

D: Hawley Street
At the entrance to the mews is a Zabou portrait.
Three works by Otto Schade. I love the rhinoceros
Next to the rhino is a work by Tony Boy

E: Castlehaven Road
The Mau Mau - 'It Aint Where You From It’s Where You At' always makes me laugh. Dale Grimshaw’s 'Free West Papua' and Dotmaster's 'Kid with a Spray Can' look very good together.
Walk under the metal bridge and look up and you will see the famous Camden Lock sign complete with its painters.

F: Camden Lock

G: Regents Canal
Head towards the canal and go down onto the towpath for another work by Otto Schade. Also, there is a good view of this painting from the other side of the canal.

H: Jamestown Road
Owls by Oliver Switch

From here Camden Town tube is just 200 meters away. You will have already seen that there is a lot to do in Camden. The markets are vibrant and the bars and clubs are generally full and lively. The street food at Camden Lock is excellent. Or, you could do the 1 Minute Walk Camden Town To Warwick Avenue.

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