A Delightful Walk Around One Of The Nicest Stretches Of The Thames.

Hammersmith Return Via Barnes Bridge

Approximately 5 Miles / 8 Km
Fast walk 1 hour 30 minutes .

Start and end at Hammersmith Tube, District, Circle, Piccadilly, Hammersmith & City Lines. (Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, Pink - On the tube map).

Highlights Include: Hammersmith Riverside and Bridge, The Dove, Kelmscott House, Fullers Griffin Brewery, Old Chiswick, Dukes Meadows, Barnes Bridge, The Bull's Head, The Leg of Mutton Nature Reserve.

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A & J: Hammersmith Tube Station
At Hammersmith Station take any exit and look for the crossing to St Paul's Church on Hammersmith Bridge Road. Head for Hammersmith Bridge - at the bridge walk down to the Thames Path. Then turn right under the bridge heading West

B: Hammersmith Riverside & Bridge
This part of the Thames is tidal. At high tide the water comes right up the embankment wall. There is around 5 metres or a 16-foot difference in depth between tides. Hammersmith Bridge was built in 1887. It's 700 feet (210 m) long and 43 feet (13 m) wide.

The Thames Path is home to some famous rowing clubs and some very popular pubs. The Blue Anchor has been serving pints since 1792.

Walk past the houseboats and Furnivall Gardens and into a small alley -Upper Mall .

C:The Dove
The Dove is one of London's most famous pubs – in the 1670's King Charles II wooed his mistress Nell Gwynn here. Rule Britannia was composed here and one of its bars is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest in the world.

Exit and turn left

Kelmscott House
Kelmscott House was the home of Victorian textile designer, William Morris. Morris is famous for tapestries, wallpaper, fabrics and stained glass windows. The museum in the coach house is open Thursday and Saturday afternoons. Check the website for details


Continue past the pubs and Georgian houses until you get to Fullers Brewery on Chiswick Mall.

D: Fullers Griffin Brewery
Fullers have been brewing great beer at the Griffin Brewery Chiswick for more than a century.. The Griffin Brewery tour is highly recommended.. The numbers are limited so booking in advance is essential. Check the website for more information


Rejoin Chiswick Mall and turn right and admire some more beautiful houses.

E: Old Chiswick
At the end of Chiswick Mall turn right onto Church St. This is the oldest part of Chiswick village, which dates back to before 1100 AD. The currant St Nicholas Church was built in 1882.

Return to the Thames Path and turn right along the river.

F: Dukes Meadows
Dukes Meadows is a very popular park for families. There are playing fields and children's playgrounds on the right hand side of the park.

G: Barnes Bridge
Barnes Bridge is a good spot to look at the river and the picturesque Barnes Terrace.

At the bottom of Barnes Bridge cross the road and turn left heading for the Hammersmith. Barnes Terrace has some delightful old houses. A blue plaque shows one of them was the home of The Planets Suite composer Gustav Holst. Head for the river, cross the road at the crossing and turn right to Hammersmith. The next part of the walk is duplicated with Hammersmith Return Via Wetlands.

H: The Bull's Head Pub
This pub is a famous Jazz and Blues venue. Mick Jagger has been known to make 'surprise' guest appearances. See the website for details.


Carry on the path and through the amusingly named Small Profit Dock Garden. Historically this part of the Thames was full of barges taking local fruit and vegetables into central London. Times have changed. When the Garden narrows down to the Thames Towpath keep left and look out for the entrance to The Leg of Mutton Nature Reserve (I). This free reserve is a real gem packed with wildlife; parakeets, Egyptian Geese, Woodpeckers, Kestrels and lots of Herons. At the end of the reservoir take the exit and rejoin the towpath, turn right towards Hammersmith.

Hammersmith Bridge
When you cross the bridge stay on the left side and you will see a plaque on the handrail honouring the bravery of a South African Royal Air Force Lieutenant, Charles Campbell Wood. Around midnight on 27 December 1919, the Lieutenant dived from the bridge into the Thames to rescue a drowning woman. Although Wood saved her life, unfortunately he died shortly afterwards from tetanus as a consequence of his injuries.

Return up Hammersmith Bridge Road to Hammersmith Tube.

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