Frantic Camden To Tranquil Little Venice

Camden Town To Warwick Avenue

Approximately 2.5 miles / 4 Km
Fast fitness walk, around an hour

Start: Camden Town, Northern Line (Black - On the tube map)
End: Warwick Avenue, Bakerloo (Brown)

Highlights Include: Camden Market, Camden Lock, The Regent's Canal, Snowden Aviary, Lords Cricket Ground, Little Venice

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A great short walk featuring: frantic Camden Market, the almost rural Regent's Canal and upmarket Little Venice. Cricket fans can make a short detour to visit Lords.

A: Camden Town Tube Station
Exit the tube station and turn right on Camden High Street..

B: Camden Market
Vibrant and fun is how most people describe Camden Market. It's teeming with more than a thousand shops, stalls and bars and its popular for its alternative jewellery, shoes and clothes. Many stallholders sell their own designs. The entire market area is large and extends beyond the canal.

C: Camden Lock
When you reach the Regent's Canal explore both sides of the lock. It was opened in 1820 and it's the only remaining working double lock on the Regent's Canal. This canal was built at the height of the so-called canal mania. Canals were a major reason for the success of the British industrial revolution. At the time, they were the most efficient way of moving freight. Canals made fortunes for those who invested in them. By 1840, there were nearly 4,500 miles (7242 Km) of canals in Britain. Yet within a few years their great days were over. Why? Better and faster railways took the canal freight business.

Turn left onto the canal towpath on the north side, (the side furthest from the tube station) and head west.

D: The Regent's Canal
As you walk along the canal the frenetic noise and bustle of Camden just seems to melt away and you could, almost, be in the middle of the countryside. You pass London Zoo's Snowden Aviary, which in the1960's was considered an architectural masterpiece. It was the first Aviary of its kind in the world. From the canal you can see many species of bird including Ibis and Egrets. Continue the walk, and you will see beautifully painted narrow boats. You are approaching Lisson Grove.

E: Lisson Grove
At this point on the canal you will have to take the small path up to the road as the canal enters the Maida Hill Tunnel and there isn't a footpath.

F: Lords Cricket Ground
Cricket fans will want to take a detour here to see the spiritual home of Cricket - Lords. Check out the website for details of tours, matches, the museum, shopping and special events. The tour guides are very knowledgable and pride themselves on being able to include anecdotes and stories of all the best players from around the world.

To continue the walk to Little Venice cross Lisson Grove and turn right. After approximately 40 metres turn left onto the footpath; you can see the canal below on your left hand side. When the path ends continue on Aberdeen Place and Blomfield Road. Continue on keeping the canal on your left until you get to The Little Venice Basin.

G: Little Venice
Around the Basin are pubs, places to eat, boats offering tours, and a very attractive little park, Rembrandt Gardens. I really like wandering around this upmarket district of London. To finish the walk cross over the bridge onto the Blomfield Road turn left and then right into Warwick Place. Walk past the Warwick Castle Pub and turn left Into;

H: Warwick Avenue
The tube station is about 100 metres in front of you.

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